Best fonts for typing documents and reading

In 2018, it’s also fonts.

Ever since Steve Jobs emphasized the use of fonts & typefaces on personal computers, the world has changed forever. Every day, countless new fonts are being made all around the world. A few years back we didn’t have as many choices in fonts as we do now and that has opened up the gates to specific typography — purpose built fonts for programming, calligraphy, etc.

Fast forward to 2018 and there are literally millions of fonts all around the world. With so many of them, it can be a nightmare to choose the right one for your needs. So I present to you fonts that I think are best suited for typing out documents, books, etc. and also for reading. I have used quite a lot of fonts before arriving at this conclusion. In the future, it may change but for now, this is what I have got. The list is in no specific order.

  1. The Noto Font
Image from Designmodo.

It would be hard to argue with this one. Built by Google themselves, this font has got support for every single character and language in the world. Indeed, this font was created to cover all the scripts encoded in the Unicode standard. So there is absolutely no thinking twice before using it.

2. Aller

Image from

This typeface was created by Marc Waymann in 2008 for use by Danish school of Media & Journalism. It features very clean letterforms and the letters have a unique curve to them — very slight but very pleasing.

3. Product Sans

Image from BeFonts

Made by Google for use in its own brands. It features a very geometric design and looks a lot like the Futura Typeface. I am not sure if this is available for free but nonetheless it can be used for personal purposes without any issues.

4. M + 1c

Image from Wikipedia

The M+ areJapanese font families designed by Coji Morishita. As stated by Wikipedia, the M stands for ‘Minimum’ while the + stands for ‘above minimum’. Indeed, the M + 1c is a part of that family. Being very lightweight and easy on the eyes, the default thickness is also a joy to watch while typing & reading.

5. OnePlus Slate

Image from Wikipedia

OnePlus Slate is a variant of the slate font designed by Rod McDonald at the Monotype Corporation in 2006. This font was designed for high levels of legibility and indeed it is very sleek & stylish at the same time. You can check it out on the OnePlus site itself. It is everywhere on their website.



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